Manage Albums

Use this form to add a new album, or to update an existing one.

Album Settings

  1. Enter a name for the album. This will be displayed to the visitors.
  2. Enter a description for the gallery. This will be displayed to the visitors.
  3. Enter the name/path of the folder where the gallery images are stored. Begin with the name of the root folder in the Portals directory.
  4. You can optionally choose to hide the title and description of your album when it is viewed.

Lightbox Settings (Advanced)

  1. Space between FancyBox wrapper and content
  2. Space between viewport and FancyBox wrapper
  3. When checked, transparency of content is changed for elastic transitions
  4. When true, 'overlayShow' is set to 'true' and 'hideOnOverlayClick', 'hideOnContentClick', 'enableEscapeButton', 'showCloseButton' are set to 'false'
  5. When true, galleries will be cyclic, allowing you to keep pressing next/back.
  6. Toggle overlay
  7. Opacity of the overlay (from 0 to 1; default - 0.3)
  8. Color of the overlay
  9. Toggle the visibility of the title
  10. The position of the title. Can be set to 'outside', 'inside' or 'over'
  11. The transition type. Can be set to 'elastic', 'fade' or 'none'
  12. Speed of the fade and elastic transitions, in milliseconds
  13. Speed of resizing when changing gallery items, in milliseconds
  14. Toggle close button visibility
  15. Toggle navigation arrows visibility
  16. Toggle if pressing Esc button closes FancyBox
  17. Will be called right before attempting to load the content
  18. Will be called after loading is canceled
  19. Will be called once the content is displayed
  20. Will be called just before closing
  21. Will be called once FancyBox is closed